SpeechCoach Testimonials

"The SpeechCoach device is a simple lightweight tool that is easy to use to improve the fluency skills of clients. I am currently using the device with 3 children who became 100% fluent immediately. They are quickly learning to use the speech patterning in multiple settings as we phase out the use of the SpeechCoach. The device is small and fits easily into a pocket, making it easy to use in many environments."

Fran S.
Speech-Language Pathologist
Long Beach, CA

"The SpeechCoach is extremely user-friendly and has been the perfect device to use with my school-age fluency students. This device has allowed my students to feel fluent speech, some for the first time ever. Once using the device, they have been able to learn and apply our 'speech techniques,' which is something that they have struggled with in the past. Additionally, the SpeechCoach is small enough for students to sneak in their pocket and use in varied environments, especially the classroom, without being noticed by their peers. The SpeechCoach has given my students a wonderful opportunity for fluency and a new outlook in therapy!"

Allison N.
Speech-Language Pathologist
Washington, DC

"The SpeechCoach works wonderfully for my fluency patients. I have had the opportunity to use it with adults as well as children and have seen immediate results as well as continued progress while using the device in therapy."

Brad B.
Speech-Language Pathologist
Lumberton, NC

"I use the SpeechCoach as part of my evaluation process when assessing clients with fluency disorders. It provides information concerning the client's reaction to delayed auditory feedback and altered frequency, which I feel is an important part of the evaluation process. I have used the device in therapy with children who clutter and found it to be an effective way to reduce their rate and increase their over-articulation. I have also used it with clients who stutter, gradually decreasing the length of the delay while matching the rate and fluency levels. I like being able to control the delay and frequency modes."

Rita T.
Speech-Language Pathologist
Raleigh, NC

"SpeechCoach has given my students a new found confidence that therapy alone could not provide."

Tracy K.
Speech-Language Pathologist
Lomard, IL

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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits


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