How SpeechCoach Works

SpeechCoach is a pocket-sized fluency tool sold to Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) to help treat those who stutter. Manufactured by the same company that produces SpeechEasy, SpeechCoach gives SLPs more options and increased flexibility in working with their clients who stutter.

SpeechCoach uses Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF) to emulate the effects for choral speech. For years, the use of choral speech has been shown to be an effective tool in reducing stuttering behaviors. With SpeechCoach, SLPs can use these benefits with multiple clients who stutter and therefore increase their ability to maximize time in therapy. In addition, SpeechCoach gives the therapist total control – you control the settings, you control the volume. When you achieve the desired effect you want, you can then lock the settings and send SpeechCoach out with your client. This will allow them to try SpeechCoach in more natural environments and give you the opportunity to better target the best settings for that particular client.

In addition to the actual device, SpeechCoach also comes with an Instruction Manual and a Clinical Guide. With these two components you will not only be given instructions on how to program the device, but also receive tips and hints on how to best use SpeechCoach. Written by an SLP with experience in treating those who stutter, the Clinical Guide provides you with sample therapy sessions, proven fluency strategies and information sheets that can be distributed to teachers as well as parents.

SpeechCoach truly was designed with the SLP in mind. SpeechCoach is easy to use, works with traditional therapy and comes with guide to help supplement an already existing treatment plan. SpeechCoach can help your clients have a better understanding of felt fluency and therefore increase their ability to successfully achieve their goals. With SpeechCoach, you can open more opportunities for you as a clinician as well as more options for your clients.

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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits


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